Investing in communities involves ensuring a healthy environment for the residents to live in.

At Omicelo Construction Group, we’re committed to efforts to use sustainable methods and materials.

We actively find solutions for implementing sustainable construction practices wherever possible. Everything we do has a potential effect on a community’s environment, and our goal is for those effects to be beneficial to its residents.

Healthy Environments for Communities

Breathing new life into aging neighborhoods is both exciting and vital.

Where some see barriers, we see opportunities for making communities as healthy as possible.

Sustainable construction is an essential part of sustainable communities. Neighborhood improvements should result in improved economic livelihood for its residents AND a healthier habitat in which they can thrive.

Wherever possible and practical, we strive to find construction solutions that conserve our resources, reuse or recycle materials, protect the local natural environment, avoid any toxic or harmful products, and use high-quality materials and practices that ensure building longevity.

Healthy Homes for Residents

If it’s safe for the environment, then it’s safe for people, too.

We want your home to be safe — protecting both your physical movement through your house and the local environment in which you live.

When planning for home modifications, our team will pay close attention to solutions that use sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. With less waste and more earth-friendly components, your home can be a literal refuge of well-being.

We also take advantage of sustainable construction methods like controlling waste through recycling, conserving energy, and using our tools and equipment as efficiently as possible.

Healthy Partnerships for Investors

A job worth doing is worth doing with excellence. And a project worth investing in should yield a variety of positive results to ensure its lasting value.

Because we care about the health of our communities, we also value creating a flourishing environment for those communities, as well.

Omicelo Construction Group is serious about bringing comprehensive change to neighborhoods — and that change includes sustainable housing practices. It’s our responsibility and our privilege to be a catalyst for this change, and we hope that you’ll join us on this important mission.