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Home Modification • Construction Management

Home Modification + Construction Management

Omicelo Construction Group is an MDBE certified construction company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that specializes in home accessibility and construction management services.

Our mission is unique. We support people, families, and businesses by managing construction projects with like-minded partners.

Solutions + Practices

At Omicelo Construction Group we modify homes for accessibility. We partner with a variety of groups including investors, community organizations and government entities to create comprehensive economic growth in communities.

Home Accessibility

Home modification solutions that meet your needs.

Construction Management

We are committed from the start – from  planning to supervising.

Quality & Safety

Start safe, work safe, finish safe.


We value technology and sustainability. Yet our focus has always been and always will be on people. Our staff genuinely cares about their commitment to individuals and families, and we’re passionate about making life better.

Omicelo Construction Group is taking a pioneering role in corporate social responsibility that yields tangible, long-term benefits.