Our Trusted Process

Interested in making your home safe and more easily accessible? Omicelo can help.

We have partnered with medical care organizations, health insurance providers, local and state funding partners in order to offer a comprehensive assessment and construction program.

We’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way

Our mission is to keep you or your loved one in your home so you can age in place and stay in place.

We know how challenging mobility limitations can be. Our Omicelo Home Accessibility Specialist is ready to help find solutions to ensure your home is safe and comfortable.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your home.

Our proven and detailed on-site evaluation can uncover potential risks to your safety and wellness.

We listen to your desires and needs.

We can gather information from you any others such your physical therapists, caregivers, etc.

We make thoughtful suggestions.

To ensure you can age in place.

We partner with the leading accessible and mobility equipment providers.

To ensure every option is considered.

We check back with you to ensure the modification is working as planned.

Quality is important to us!

How the Home Accessibility Process Works



First, our friendly, certified specialist will talk with you about your needs. They’ll assess your home to determine what kind of home modification(s) will help.


Compassionate visit to resident's home


Identify current & future needs of resident


Identify safety risks in home


Review + Recommend

Omicelo brings patients and providers together to evaluate, recommend and fund improvements. The patient is always informed of their progress.


Estimates and approvals


Agreements secured


Seamless documentation


Complete Installation

Omicelo works with a licensed, trusted contractor to perform the home modifications. After the work is inspected, the patient is free to enjoy.


Certified safe installation and quality control


Follow up consultation for 100% satisfaction

What Is a Home Accessibility Specialist?

Omicelo Health is here to guide you through the process of your home modification. We work with you and if requested, your family, caregiver, or healthcare provider to assess your needs and determine which home modifications will best serve your needs.

Let’s say you or a loved one can no longer navigate the stairs in your house. Let Omicelo help you! One of our caring Home Accessibility Specialists can work with you and your care providers to install a stairlift that allows you to navigate the stairs safely!

Home Accessibility Specialists listen, listen, listen! They understand the need to thoroughly explain and document their findings and suggestions.

Why Omicelo?

Omicelo’s mission is to create positive economic change throughout communities without causing unnecessary displacement. We believe medical issues shouldn’t prevent you from fully enjoying your home and the life you’ve built there.

Practical solutions exist, and our goal is to make them a reality. Omicelo can make communities stronger and keep families together by addressing healthcare needs in the home. We connect you with the right partners who can make a real difference in your comfort and safety.

Whether you’re a homeowner, healthcare provider, or insurance professional, Omicelo is ready to partner with you to find practical solutions that make our communities healthier.