Commercial Construction

Catapult Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Our team managed the construction of the Catapult Center in Pittsburgh, a commercial kitchen for a local church, and a home for women veterans.

We’re fortunate to have a partnership with PJ Dick and the University of Pittsburgh, whose leaders provide mentorship and guidance for our commercial construction business. Their invaluable relationships give us the knowledge and expertise we need to achieve our ambitious mission.

Residential Construction

Home Modifications in Western PA

Omicelo Construction Group currently serves residential communities in 14 counties throughout Western Pennsylvania. We’ve completed thousands of home modification projects in our region alone and anticipate considerable growth due to the aging population.

Our residential modification projects (owned or rented) include home accessibility modifications that make aging in place and staying in place possible. One of the most essential aspects of creating positive change in our communities is making homes safer, more comfortable, and more accessible for residents.